Wildlife issues typically start with a homeowner that has begun hearing strange noises at night or during the day or has noticed insulation or broken shingles. Typically the most common wildlife issues facing homeowners involve raccoons, squirrels, skunks and sometimes snakes. The process of wildlife control is similar to rodent control in that there is a systematic approach to most issues.


STEP 1: Consultation

A phone consultation takes place with a technician (not a receptionist but rather the individual that will be conducting the service at your home. This eliminates the need for to having to re-explain all over again the particular issues at the property). Important questions will be asked to help us determine which wildlife pest we are dealing with. Here are some examples:

    • Are you hearing these noises at night or during the day?
    • Are there trees touching you home?
    • Are the sounds at the front or the back of the home?
    • Is there a history of wildlife problems at the home?
    • Does the home exhibit any characteristics making it prone to wildlife issues?

Answers to some of the above-mentioned questions can help us to quickly identify which pest we are dealing with and determine the best course of action to take. Wildlife issues can linger on for many years since these animals will return to what they perceive is their home. Should a raccoon for example return to a home it does so because it was born in that attic, it is following a fence line which ends at your home, it has been feeding nearby and found a tree it likes to climb that leads it to your roof.


Inspect property to determined root causes for the wildlife issue, discuss best plan with homeowner.

STEP 3: Action

Plan of action takes place to quickly remove the animals and ensure they cannot re-enter. We may need to install a 1-way door allowing the animals to get out, screen off roof vents, dig up a mesh barrier around a deck, trap and relocate, trim a tree or spike off a downspout.

STEP 4: Monitoring
Monitor property.

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