Termites can now be found all over Toronto and through most of southern Ontario. Most infestations appear to be related to water leaks and appear in specific neighbourhoods within specific blocks.


Termites may not be present in a home but be infesting a tree nearby or eating away at cellulose rich grass roots in a neighbour’s lawn. The biggest mistake however is to assume that simply because there is no particular evidence of termites your home is not affected and therefore does not require a treatment. A home without a chemical barrier is simply waiting to become a problem and once invaded termites will leave a pheromone to it whereby the potential for a problem can persist now well into the future since the trail is not likely to dissipate so readily over time.

Exploratory termites can and will find access to a home. Should the home be situated within an area and in particular, a block that is infested a treatment is necessary. The structural integrity of your home if left unchecked will become compromised.. Most termite treatments involve creating a chemical barrier around the home through the drilling of holes around the structures basement perimeter as well as rodding the exterior perimeter. These calculations involve the relative distance around a home both in and out combined with grade to the top of footings.

A typical termite treatment involves around 1000 litres of finished spray mix and is based on concentrations of .5 through to 1.0 %. Injecting wall voids with a wood preservative such as timbor is also recommended and is normally done in conjunction with most liquid treatments. Termites are one of the hardest structural pests to eradicate and require a good understating of their habits, lifecycles, and building codes.

All termite treatments tend to be unique and may require the removal of interior walls in order for Snap techs to fully grasp the access points. Access points like in any other pest control issue need to be closed shut and conditions such as drainage, and wood to soil contact to name a few need to be looked at in tandem with a chemical treatment. Warranties are indeed available and can be discussed further once the conditions leading up to a potential problem are identified and corrected.

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