Before & After Gallery 2

We’ve collected a number of before and after photos of various projects that were worked on by our technicians.

Front Stairs Rat Entry

Front stairs were removed (and re-installed) and meshed with quarter inch material to keep out rats that were getting in under front porch. A green dropping was found at the electrical panel. The top of the conduit shows the access hole being used by the rats to get into the home at the bottom photo. An electrician was hired to remove the panel so I could seal it for good on the inside as well as the outside. My client was so afraid she moved out until the problem could be resolved. I wrote a lengthy response on this job on homestars. This job was extremely challenging because of the access location and this rodents intelligence. I had to systematically inspect every crevice to find entry. The left bottom photo was taken with a snake scope.


Expandable Foam Eaten by Mice

Mice chewed through expandable foam. All material was cleaned properly then permanently sealed with cement.


Closing the Mouse Access

New homeowner was having some serious issues with mice over the course of a few years. They tried trapping and baiting, it appears they were fighting a losing battle with the mice. The issue was not simply to bait but to close off the access. An inspection was conducted and all roads led to this particular vent, which was no longer in use and simply disappears into the home. With the dryer moved and the renovation complete the mice simply went up the wall at will and disappeared altogether into the ceiling of my clients finished basement.


Deck Entry

Mice were accessing this typical Toronto style home by getting in under the front deck. If you look carefully you can see the rub marks. The whole deck was removed as a precaution. The hole was meshed and sealed with cement. The job took 4 hours and their mouse problem is finally over for good. Bait was used to clear out the interior mice. You can read the review on


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