Mice & Rats

We take mice or rats seriously at Snap Pest Control.
Every job is tackled systematically to ensure the best potential results. Each and every service begins with a phone consultation whereby key questions are asked regarding the pest issue.

STEP 1: Consultation


For Example:

    • How long has the rodent problem been going on for?
    • Have there been any changes to the home recently (I.E. renovations, utility installations, bird feeders, taller grass etc)?
    • Is the home fully detached or a semi and are there any extension or additions to the property?
    • Where are the droppings located and what are their relative size, sheen and colour?
    • Are you seeing mice during the day or night, and is evidence of mice on all floors or simply in the kitchen?
    • Are there any pets in the home?
    • Does the garage door have a seal and have you seen any droppings?


STEP 2: Inspection


The most critical part of the rodent control process involves both an exterior as well as an interior inspection: Snap Techs inspect homes looking for key rodent evidence under decks, crawlspaces, attics, garages, vents, soffits, facia and anywhere else where rodents could seek to enter a home. It should be noted that not all entry points readily identifiable. There are times where we may have to consult with a neighbour in a semi-detached setting for permission to inspect their property in order to help our clients resolve their rodent issues.

STEP 3: Action

During the initial inspection pictures are taken of the property and potential holes are identified. Once the homeowner fully realizes what conditions are creating the problem the next step is to seal off entry points, install bait stations, traps etc… to get the problem under control as quickly as possible. Every job is different and therefore requires it own unique approach.

Bait stations are constructed from high strength plastic and are tamper proof so that children and pets are unable to access commercial grade rodenticides. Most stations are placed in un- reachable places behind refrigerators, stoves, under sinks and or in voids. Rodents entering stations can then feed on these baits and succumb to the rodenticide within 15 – 24 hours. Mice or rats having eaten baits shrivel up and dehydrate in voids and normally remain odourless.

Trapping and other options are available as well as feeding with rodenticides depending upon the level of infestation and or our clients individual humane concerns. Typically the average mouse job does take about 3 weeks in order for the mice to succumb to the rodenticides be excluded from the home and or get trapped.

STEP 4: Monitoring

After the 3 weeks are up clients undergoing rodent control with Snap are encouraged to report back whether they are still seeing droppings and or mice/rats. Follow up visits usually involve another exterior inspection. Baits in their stations are re-checked and replenished or changed altogether should mice/rats continue to surface.

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"Joe was easy to work with and solved our mouse problem in less than 2 hours. Felt good knowing he would come back if by chance he missed something but he didn't need to. Speedy service and easy to get ahold of."
—Janime, W., Milton ON.
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