Before & After Gallery 3

We’ve collected a number of before and after photos of various projects that were worked on by our technicians.

Chimney Mouse Entry

This nagging mouse issue went on and off for 8 years before we got the call and conducted our inspection. I knew right away we were dealing with an access point because of the on-going nature of the mouse problem. The chimney itself was widening with freeze and thaw and the mice were squeezing through at will. The opposite area on the interior indicated a small coal chute plate. Once removed the plate clearly indicated access due to droppings, cold air flow and daylight protrusion.


Exterior Wall Entry

This particular client’s mouse access point was not discovered on an initial inspection due to its location and the fact that the area was covered in two feet of snow. The home was monitored and a subsequent inspection was conducted in late spring where by this hole was found and plugged with cement. This is a perfect example of the critical aspect of an exterior inspection in relation to not a successful mouse prevention.

Mouse Problem in Cinder Block

This house had a mouse problem for many years. I could tell by the cinder block style that the mortar joints were weak; mesh and caulking were used in this case. There is evidence around the access point. Finally the issue is resolved for good. This client left a review on


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"Joe was easy to work with and solved our mouse problem in less than 2 hours. Felt good knowing he would come back if by chance he missed something but he didn't need to. Speedy service and easy to get ahold of."
—Janime, W., Milton ON.
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