Snap pest control always strives to find and seal entry points on every service call. It’s not about baiting, its about solving your particular problem and fixing it so you don’t have the problem again in 6 months. Warranties available.


All our uniforms and vehicles are un-marked and we will never show up at your business or home at a busy time. With reasonable rates and personalized service you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.


We offer a full range of services in animal control, pest control i.e. spays and dusts as well as termite treatments.


Benefits of working with us:

    • We arrive with an un-marked vehicle and un-marked uniforms
    • Always deal with the same technician on site and over the phone
    • You will get a thorough inspection of the home
    • We will work with you to eliminate future problems
    • Years of experience and are trained in customer support
    • All termite jobs involve written accurate chemical calculations based on property size and recieve a 1 year warranty





Wildlife: Typically the most common wildlife issues facing homeowners involve raccoons, squirrels, skunks and sometimes snakes.

Solution: Install a 1-way door allowing the animals to get out, screen off roof vents, dig up a mesh barrier around a deck, trap and relocate, trim a tree or spike off a downspout.


Pests: Snap techs focus on eliminating conditions which helped create the initial problem. Fixing leaks that give insects much needed moisture, sealing harbourage areas, closing and cutting off entry points and actively finding and removing nests are keys to success.

Solution: All services are conducted by licensed techs, which are trained in proper insecticide application. Most insecticides are in dust or liquid form.


Birds: Nests can be built over chimney tops, in eaves and above rafters. Still other birds, such as eastern phoebes and robins, tend to build nests under decks. Removing an active bird nest is illegal in most cases. Call us before you consider this approach.

Solution: Each problem is unique, we may use stainless wire netting, gel-like repellants, capping chimneys, obstructing nests, moving nest when empty, bird alarms or visual simulators.


Termites: Termites can now be found all over Toronto and through most of southern Ontario. Most infestations appear to be related to water leaks and appear in specific neighbourhoods within specific blocks.

Solution: All termite treatments tend to be unique and may require the removal of interior walls in order for Snap techs to fully grasp the access points.


Mice & Rats: Snap Techs inspect homes looking for key rodent evidence under decks, crawlspaces, attics, garages, vents, soffits, facia and anywhere else where rodents could seek to enter a home.

Solution: Seal up holes inside and outside of your home.


Carpenter Ants: These ants cut holes by chewing through the wood of the base of homes. They leave saw dust-like material in areas that are effected and create “galleries” of holes. Most vulnerable to moisture.

Solution: Control involves application of insecticides in various forms including dusts and liquids.

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With years of dedicated professional experience, Snap Pest Control is ready and willing to help you find the right solutions to your pest control problems.
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"Joe was easy to work with and solved our mouse problem in less than 2 hours. Felt good knowing he would come back if by chance he missed something but he didn't need to. Speedy service and easy to get ahold of."
—Janime, W., Milton ON.
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